Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am in Texas, as you know, and I am doing well and poorly at the same time. It doesn't even out to okay.

Maybe because this blog has been read by people I don't want reading it before, I am hesitant to explain too much of that sentence. We need a secret blog, where we can share secrets.

I am making efforts. I go to church here, twice a week- Tuesday morning ladies bible studies and Sundays to Christ Episcopal. I don't feel at home in either place but i get something, usually, from each place each time i go.

I try to take care of myself. I am not sure I ever mentioned before that I am particularly bad at this, by nature. I get too locked in my head to think about taking vitamins and exercising. I bite all my fingernails off in deep thought.

I am trying to be mindful of my physical needs. I just made myself lunch, real lunch, though i didn't really want anything at all.

I am headed to work tonight at a restaurant that is just fabulous. It serves chic American Latin Cuisine in an avant-garde atmosphere and tonight is my first full-fledged night on the floor. I am a pretty good waitress. I like to chat people up. I can forget practical items sometimes, not usually, and i think of the whole thing as an opportunity to pay attention to detail (see above) while actually getting paid.

Have you heard of OPI nail polish color "I am not really a waitress."

i feel that! but i don't hate waitressing, I don't. $2o-$30/hour. and little stress.

Jujie has been sick since i got here. he had spasmodic croup and not he has an ear infection.
on the upside, he is loving his swimming lessons.

more later, loves.


Lizzie W. said...


The grail is well within your reach.

Kristen said...

I'm all for a secret blog, too. Heh. Maybe just send an email?

aola said...

I'm sure the being without Chris makes life harder, like it is not hard enough..

but, it sounds like you are making strides, great strides, toward your ultimate goal.

Cara said...

Self care often falls by the wayside for me as well, and then my body DEMANDS attention...

aren't we strange creatures? if you need to share some secrets. They'll go no further. I'll be your 'wailing wall', friend!

Sandra said...

Life looks good for you. :) Practice caring for yourself and it will become a habit. :)


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