Thursday, September 11, 2008

new digs

I can't tell you how much I am going to miss this person.

this is where i live now, when i am not on assignment in texas, as a special student

these are some of the houses in our neighborhood. the picture at the top left is my favorite entryway so far. i love how colorful the houses are, the palette they produce together is just fun to look at.

and lots of people cultivate a shabby-chic looking garden, which i love as well.

The last one, with three houses, is my street.


Becky said...

I so love it. Everything about it. Including the steep street. I want to come visit when you are through being a special student in Texas. Sam needs to see Boston.

Sandra said...

Beautiful! It reminds me of parts of Butler, the closest "city" to us. I love that color pallet too. There were several new housing complexes in CA with that same pallet.

Kristen said...

So gorgeous! (You and Chris and the houses...)

Cara said...

It's got an urban coziness that I really like.

Brent said...

sooo nice!! too bad you won't be there when I visit the end of October. But maybe I'll catch you in SA the middle of October!! yeaaa!

E. Michelle said...

becks, please visit.
Of course, i didn't shoot the ugly places/spaces. . .so it isn't perfect !
brent, yay for the middle of October. it will be like old times... let's go to some fancy pizza place, yes?

Brent said...

but I'm supposed to eat dinner with your parents....?? hah.


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