Friday, September 5, 2008

Not Kansas.

I have to admit that at several points, and on one day in particular, i would have paid top dollar for ruby slippers that could have transported me home. Any home i have previously known would have been fine by me. The move was really stressful, to say it "plain," and on the day we moved in my nerves were shot. That night i shivered when it wasn't cold and paid to stay in a hotel instead of my new place without sheets. it was too much.

our new place is perfect perfect perfect. it has huge windows, three of which i am looking through as i type this sentence. We get good light, which is a priority of mine. The kitchen is huge and beautiful, with tons of cabinet space and fancy appliances. We have two bathrooms, which was exceptional in this little corner of Boston where lots of apartments are in Victorian homes- three floors with each getting only one restroom. I have walk-in closet space. I have a very civilized entryway and a fireplace. I hit the jackpot.

I also have a new roommate. Matt is our friend from Illinois and was living in Philadelphia when we asked him (three weeks ago) if he would like to move to Boston with us and now he is here. We are both INFPs on the Myers-Briggs, so he and i get along really well. Like brother and sister- soulwise. He also happens to get along swimmingly with Chris. Chris and I only considered the option for two minutes before we talked to Matt about it. so far it has been so very good to have company on this venture.

We walk around our neighborhood together, the three of us, and we take in our new spots. I have a charming bakery, one block from my place, where i have had a fabulous gruyere croissant and bought ciabatta bread for dinner tonight. The guys have found many, shall I say, watering holes and i have found the closest Target. So far, all good.

It is louder here i than i am used to and louder than i like. I am getting earplugs and a loud fan.

I have more to write, but it is so much more that i will write this update in installments... so



Sandra said...

Yeah! You survived! I knew you would. I can't wait to read more about Boston and your life there. It sounds wonderful so far!

Cara said...

It sounds marvelous. Marvelous Marvelous Marvelous!

A bakery and a bar within a short walk. Very civilized indeed.


Welcome to Bahhstan

Becky said...

I love picturing you in front of the windows. We test out the same on Meyers-Briggs. Huh.
I want all your impressions of Boston. You're going to get a fall! Jealous.

Lizzie W. said...

Hey! So glad to hear that you found the perfect place! YAY Boston!

Kristen said...

Lots of light is so important.

I miss having male friends so much, I'm quite jealous.


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