Tuesday, October 14, 2008

On track

I have been so busy doing the things i meant to do while i was here.

i have been studying, I have been working, I have been mothering.

and i have been doing little else. I watch precious little TV. I am missing Dexter and I will have to try to catch the finale of Project Runway at another time. Please, let it not be Kenley and please can it please be Leanne.

I have been about my own agenda and it feels really good.

As now Judah is home and i am starving, I'll have to write more later. possibly.

hope all is well. . .


Kristen said...

Go read my response on my blog... :)

I am hoping for Leanne, too. Did you see her bicycling in the park with Tim Gunn? That park is across the street from Carissa's house. Sigh.

I miss Dexter, too. We cancelled Showtime--I'll have to rent the DVDs. I have a bad feeling they might jump the shark this season though--but I hope not.

Becky said...

this sounds so good and right.

the mystical as in that the promised comes with no work or effort.


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