Tuesday, October 28, 2008

in Chicago

and i forgot how big this town is. really, when i stepped on to the train, which i took into the city, i felt provincial and broken down. one thing i noticed was how daunting i found the foreign advertisements. Somehow, the diversity and the ads for companies we don't have in Texas made me feel small.

But now i am in a friend's basement apartment, getting colder by the minute, visiting all my familiar sites on the web, and i feel secure again.

I am here to take my comprehensive examination for the Religion in American Life program. My test is at 9:00 a.m. in the Buswell. I suppose the rattling off of the details, to you, my friends, is my way of dealing with the test anxiety. i hope i pass, but i wouldn't be surprised if i did not. We'll focus on the hope, k?

i have been busy busy and tired. I worked a bit to come up with my per diem for this trip. When i get home i will have to work a good bit to make up for this week. hopefully, it comes together, the financial details. hopefully, i come together.

I have come up with a mission statement for myself, which i have been saying to myself almost everyday, sometimes more than once. the difference it has made! the saying of words i choose to describe the life I am working toward--they have been a talisman and an antiseptic, almost magical in their power to shape me anew, words i wrote and said and memorized are healing to myself.

i will have to tell you sometime what they are... do you have a life statement? a mantra? can i know it?


aola said...

Good luck on your test.

Sandra said...

My most recent mantra is "this is only temporary". Yeah, it isn't really that inspiring, but it helps me to remember that none of the bad stuff is going to last so I shouldn't worry about it and none of the good stuff will either so I should squeeze whatever I can out of it. :)

Kristen said...

I tend to have temporary mantras, too, but "try to kick a little ass every day" sort of brings out the fighter in me every day. :)

Good luck, buddy.

Becky said...

it is soo good to hear from you -- i have no mantra, just a kind of vision and the feeling of the day. a mantra would be nice. go do war with that test.

Lizzie W. said...

No worries my friend. Things are pretty hectic over here. Like, go to the doctor because I have several stress related sick-y symptoms hectic. Hope you do well on your test. Try to enjoy yourself during your down time.

Cara said...

My mantra is more of an all encompassing idea that I try hard to live by. Here it is, semi-condensed:

Don't get attached to your stuff- If you are unhappy, change the means of your unhappiness immediately- tell those you love that you love them all the time - Don't take shit from anyone - Be Assertive, not aggressive - Don't waste your time on people who suck your energy or make you feel like less - Get out of Debt- Stay out of Debt -

That's the semi condensed version. The uncondensed version is huge.

Sandra said...

Cara is my guru. :)

disa said...
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