Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sick is not how i pictured it! or I like to think i would be Lucy Liu.

maybe it was the shots. I am sick! i don't get sick, really. I am the last to get sick My sister or roomate can get sick and i won't. Judah and Chris will be laid up with Ebola and i can go for a walk, come make them soup, snuggle them, and i am fine the whole time. I am the last to get sick.


I had another class today and it became apparent to me that i am much much older than lots of college kids. More than age, really, i am older in the sense that i have been around. I have been places. I have had judah and been with Chris for eight years. I have had the struggle of my life, it seems.

They are twenty-ish and look like the places they have been include and are limited to Wet Seal and Forever 21.
I am trying to remember not to be condescending but i am not sure it isn't natural...
in other news, my mom sent me earrings for no reason.
which created a minute but detectable shift of the earth on its axis. Polar bears can tell because they got a little more time to chase those seals we shouldn't be clubbing.
Really, who exactly clubs a baby seal? Why a club?
I digress, i know. The people in latin america noticed because their siestas inexplicably lasted one minute longer, with no effort on anyone's part.

The earrings are pretty and gold and came accompanied by a matching ring that i would like enough if it fit my proper finger.

pretty. i just don't know what it means.

and finally, Kristen, KRISTEN ARE YOU THERE? i am now watching Project Runway which is bound to make us grow oh so close. I like Sweet P.

I also watch a little bit of Cashmere Mafia.

Who is the fallen mighty now? I never get hooked on that stuff: sex and the c. or desperate housesluts. I never get pulled into this stuff. And i never get sick.

well, hardly.


Brent said...

my vote is for Kevin...or Jillian...or Kit.

i finally found your bllog today. yeaah!

Brent said...

oh...i guess I am a little behind. Kevin just got the axe. Shit. that's BS. He's not really been near the bottom all season...Ricky has. Christian has been inconsistent. boooo. i was hoping for a straight-peat (a straight guy one last year....Kevin could have made it two in a row!!)

ok I like Jillian the best then. no personality, but she's good..and she's beautiful, if only she'd smile more.

and sweet p has huge ta-tas.

Becky said...

i like miranda otto.
the 20ish thing is odd, for me too.
but are brains are still good.

Sandra said...

I love sweet pea too! I feel 20ish until I am around those who are 20is. :) I hope you feel better.

Sandra said...

I love sweet pea too! I feel 20ish until I am around those who are 20is. :) I hope you feel better.

Kristen said...

Ah, sorry you are sick, friendie.

Yes, I am here! I thought maybe I was the only one still watching PR. I think Romy will make it to the top three/four, don't you? (Jack would have too, I think. Sniff.) I would love to see what Christian would do. Sweet P cracks me up. Her faces...I liked that glamorous dress she made for the prom challenge.

I don't know what to think about your mom's gift, too, but I thought I felt the earth shift a little, too...hmmm.

Kristen said...

Those Cashmere Mafia girls are the hotness, aren't they? I keep watching little snippets, thinking, "Can I like this show? Is this terrible?"

cv said...

I never get sick and I'm sick too.

I never watch any of those shows....and kind of glad by the sounds of it....

And... sad to know this... but they club the baby seals so they don't put a bullet hole in their valuable pelt. And because they are evil and deserve to die.

Lizzie W. said...

Brian and I are totally into PR. I was really rooting for little Ricky even though he hasn't done all that well in challanges just because he acts like winning it would be his only form of validation...until he said that he was VP of Lingerie design for Valentino or something. Ummm...Hello Ricky! The other people in this competition would DIE to be VP of anything. Suck it up and stop crying!


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