Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Did you know that i kind of like Mary J Blige?

okay, fyi
1. today judah is sick and home from "school." He is most in touch with the fact that his health is ailing when i ask him to do things like kiss me or take his cup back to the kitchen.
2. Chris is off the next two days. YIP-ee. We're on a good stretch these days.
3. Obama, he is a Barack-ing my world.
4. Tote bags are my new thing. I just bought... three recently and i lurve 'em.
5. Organisation is also my new thing. king of.
6. British spellings come naturally to me and they always have.
7. weird, eh?
8. i just had my six month review and it went well. i am happy about it.
9. i love my classes at Wheaton and got an extension on my thesis.
10. If i could just straighten myself out enough, i could write two books.


Becky said...

I heart mary j. blige.
kudos on organizing, six month review, and the like
yes, yes write two books.

Kristen said...

I like Mary J, too, especially this song: I've almost posted this on my blog so many times, but didn't so that all the Christians wouldn't be bothered.

So happy you are loving your classes and your thesis extension! Not to mention enjoying your boys...

So are you partying like a Barack-star then?

Sandra said...

I hope Judah is feeling better. Congrats on the 6th month review. That has to feel great!


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