Tuesday, January 15, 2008

the way up

i generally regard 2008 to be my year of The Climb... I sense i am at the foot of a mountain, the top will be my Actualized Life. I know, God help all his children who took too many psych classes!

I am so glad to be here. I feel like everything i am doing, and i am doing a LOT, is getting me closer to who i want to be. I know it. It is a conviction, my dears. So the work thing, it doesn't bother me. I can deal with my work.

Because it means I can go to my school. I am very very verrrry (roll the R) happy to be back at Wheaton, i love it! i had my first class today and i wanted to cry i felt so happy. But i didn't, i just smiled a lot.

I also got three shots today. I narrowly avoided a pap smear (rescheduled). the school keeps tabs on its students! the shots were mandatory. the physical is too. the pap is cause i am a big girl and know it is best for me... otherwise i would say no thanks.

Judah and i both go to school and he finds this really interesting. he likes to ask me if i get a play time or a nap time and i had to tell him that his school is way better than mine. no naps are scheduled, anyway.

i got an ipod for christmas.
good night.


Kristen said...

I am soooo excited you are back at Wheaton. Wooooo!

Regarding those "too many psych classes," I heard Minirith and Meier on the radio the other day and thought of you. (My dad likes to listen and disagree.) I also thought of all my friends at SAGU that took psych classes to diagnose themselves. :)

Sandra said...

You're going to be great, you know?!?

cv said...

I love school..........

and my ipod.

Make sure to get the free song of the week! Sometimes the suck but it's still fun to listen to new stuff.

OH! and my favorite podcast is "The Body ODD" a short talk every now and again about wierd things that people's bodies do. Hilarious stuff.

Happy New Year to you!

disa said...



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