Wednesday, April 23, 2008

turn turn turn

new things happen in soil of my soul. Things sprout up that i hoped for, but i don't remember planting.
Last night in our townehome was the night i always hope for but can never generate...

I had the time, energy and mental wherewithall to play outside with Jujie. To throw and catch the yackleball, to chase and play Scooby Doo. He was velma and i was shaggy. When we made it back to our house after having outrun the monster, i told him that he was such a brave and cool girl.

He said, yeah, I am .

Chris made dinner, I vacuumed the living room, I bathed Judah. We went to bed on time.
Like Becky said: satisfying.


Kelli said...

One thing I find interesting is how satisfying the everyday can be. I love the feeling I get when we have an evening where we accomplish what we set out to (dinner, clean up, baths, books, bed) with some playing thrown in between each of these things, and it all goes smoothly. Smoothly being the key word. Unbelievably, it does happen, and when it does it's so beautiful!

Also, I read you go to Wheaton- how long have you been going there? I have good friends who graduated from Wheaton, and a few who are there right now. Have heard very good things about it!

Kristen said...

Sounds good, E.

Becky said...

love that he was velma.
i would totally be shaggy.

Sandra said...

I always have the most fun when I am playing at the park with Erin. Sometimes we pretend we are secret agents on crazy missions. It's always so fun to pretend and play with her. .

cv said...



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