Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I feel most here, in Illinois, when i am at home, cleaning. I feel more connected with my space when i am cleaning it. Probably because I have to notice it, bit by bit. I can be so wrapped up in the atmosphere of my mind that i miss the material details.

I keep thinking i would do better here if i worked four days instead of five... but i don't think it's financially realistic-- at this point anyway- we aren't even sure what IS realistic as we are just getting a solid idea of what our every month responsibilities will be.

WE have been eating at home more than I ever have before and- wow!- it is so much cheaper to eat at home. No wonder i ran out of money before the end of the month- seriously, I have eaten out enough times to last me a life time. no, really, THAT MANY TIMES.


Judah and i spent the whole day at the mall--
we went for a costume. I know, it is last-minute, but i have issues with money. I can't spend it until... damn, it is the last latest minute and I MUST purchase-- a case of need, or it is under fifteen dollars. The best situation is a combination of the two. I know, i am weird.

So i went to a couple of stores with no real luck- then i went to the Children's Place and (more proof that the Universe is on my side) I found the Cutest little Dragon Costume EVER! for $4.99!
I don't even need to tell you how cute Judah looks in it...he fills it out great. I'll post pictures, k?
I am not sure if it's good or bad but even Judah listed the getting of the costume for "five bucks" as a highlight of our day. Is that too soon to teach bargain-hunting? what about plain ol' cheapness?

Did i tell you that Chris is working overnight and that i admire him for it? That he does an Incredible job about not pitying his lot too much?

Did i tell you that I am not cut out for the job i have? That i am not naturally detail-oriented and that i am in fact quite flighty about such things?
I knew that going into this position and i feel pangs of insecurity whenever i make dumb mistakes ( about three times a week!)

i was hoping to develop these skills...

today i watched a lot of TV.
Some Gilmore Girls...Rory Gilmore is my fashion muse, by the way.
Some Six Feet Under Season Five...damn great writing.
Some Five Days...damn you HBO with your premium prime time line-up.

Some resolutions:
tell my dad what he can do to make it up to me and Chris.
Develop Real Live Budget-- we've been rounding and guesstimating thus far.
Hold proper staff meeting.
Invest in ways to get music flowing throughout the house...I need music.
Take Chris out to show him how much i appreciate him.


Becky said...

mmm. . an erica post. boy is waking -- more later

Lizzie W. said...

PLEASE put up a picture of Judah in his costume. I'm SOO sorry I missed you guys. Brian said that having you guys come over made his night.

Sandra said...

I can't wait to see the photos of Judah in costume!
So, I feel like I should put together a little cheer for you, but I'm not cheerleader. :)
Go Erica! :)

Katt said...

Hope you dont mind me peeking in on your blog. I am Sandra's mom. Your little boy is adorable, Im kind of excited to see him in his costume to. It sounds to me like your doing a great job. We all feel insecure at times, just hang in there and you will come out fine.

Becky said...

RYC - nice to know someone else's body wants to rule the world.

the money thing in this post is so us. spend only under duress.

aola said...

I love The Gilmore Girls - Loreli (s?) is my fashion muse :) or I wish I looked like that!

You know, you just have to be proud of yourself for doing what you have done.
The hardest part was leaving Texas and you DID IT - the rest you two can handle, no problem.

Kristen said...

Those are really good resolutions. I love your writing, E.

cv said...

It's never too early to teach a child to delight in the magnificent joy of getting a bargain!

Making the connection between how many minutes of your life it takes to earn a particular item...or how long you have to work for something that you broke in 4 minutes.

Its huge.


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