Friday, October 26, 2007


if you want a fresh start, if you need one, i think you have to prepared to forget the past for a little while.

I feel so different from how i felt in San Antonio. I have been pondering the themes of proactivity vs. passivity. It sometimes becomes a mantra of Becoming Creative, Living Creatively.

I am enthused about this new chapter and its themes.
There is great continuity for me between what I have been before and what i am now becoming-- if i think about deconstruction as a precursor to construction-- winter becoming spring, the flow of life and ofcourse, death.

True that the dead of winter can sometimes feel final, can threaten forever with its chill.
But i am sowing now, is spring when you sow seed?
I am creating my own life! How fun! What a gift to find myself with the resources to define the moment, and God help me to seize it.

In the past week, i sense i have forgotten. There are steps i am taking, and in the taking i know that I could not have done the things i am now doing before. I remember that i could not, but i don't remember, really, the feeling of not being able to. And how invigorating to know feel myself able to. . .


cv said...

Inventing, Reinventing, Newness!

Spring is life, breath, and love!

There is wisdom in forgetting, and also in just letting go.

You can't fly if you hang on to the things that weigh you down.

Fly! Fly! Fly!

Becky said...

love this.
love that i know what you're saying.
i needed to be dormant in mt. i needed to be isolated in mt, to be here, to do this.
love this.


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