Wednesday, September 19, 2007


i am in suddenly so responsible. no, scratch that. I am suddenly exceedingly aware of all my responsibilities and...
not that good at meeting them, though i am trying.
i Am Trying.
And still this job is kicking my butt. so much stuff to do and all of it multi-tasking and detail-oriented. MURDER!
it is killing me.

In other news, we have moved into a townhome. Really nice. it has a really nice layout! I have three levels. the first is a two-car garage and a room for Chris to play music in, the second and main floor is wooden througout- the kitchen, breakfast nook, dining room and living room. The upstairs is nicely carpeted, has a HUGE master bedroom and two other smaller rooms... one for Judah and one for my office.
and the boxes Are Everywhere.

the stress has been sky-high lately.


Lizzie W. said...

I'm nesting, there's nothing much around the house left to clean or organize, and there is not baby yet, so feel free to call if you need some help.

Melissa said...

Congrats on the townhome! It sounds really nice! :) I hope the stress lessens for you soon! Hang in there!!

cv said...

It's stretch-stress. You'll conquer it. You are doing it already.

Once your things are in place, and you can sit on your orange couch in the evening, your world will calm down.

Once your home is situated, and your routine there is routine, the details of work will become less of a stretch.

My current job was overwhelming this time last year. A zillion details, everything had to be completed in minutes, and lots of money at stake. Now I go in, and relax and just do it.

I am so happy for you all, and I am envisioning a crisp Chicago fall in your cozy townhome. The only sad day will be when the Seahawks beat the Bears on November 18!

Kristen said...

Deep breaths, friend, deep breaths. At least this is the fun kind of stress in some ways, you know? I like Cara's term: stretch stress. Very true.


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