Monday, September 3, 2007

Moving Again

not away from Chicago! but we are hoping to secure a new little nest in the next week or so.

We met a realtor at a townhome this morning and it was a really good layout for us, near to an excellent elementary school, near to our friends.

There were, as to be expected, some minor details about the home that were less desirable to me. I am hoping that we could, should we get the place, change out the lighting.

Toward that end, we spent some two hours getting dazed and, yes, confused! at Ikea. I actually felt dizzed by the frenzy.

I have been hemmed in by traditionalist taste all my life and i have no idea how to be creative with fashion or home decor with any degree of self- confidence. Still, i think this part should be fun, so i am trying to get over my need for "correctness" in decorating myself or my place.

I've spent some time looking at funky wallpaper and cushions and i am thinking i will start there.
oh, and I think we are getting an ORANGE! couch.

if anyone out there has any good reasons why i should not be joined to an orange couch, please speak up.


Melissa said...

I think it all sounds very fun! I too have always been surrounded in traditionalism stylistically...but I admit I've always dreamed of being more creative. Have lots of fun with it! Cushions, wall paper and an orange couch seem like a great start! :)

Hope everything works out with the townhome! I know that is a very exciting thing!

Sandra said...

I'm cheering for orange! :)

aola said...

My first ever sofa in my first ever house was orange.

I love to decorate. I usually buy stuff that looks good but not too expensive so that I don't feel bad about throwing it out or giving it away and doing it all over again about every two years.
Because I love everything, every color, every style so I like to change them - often.

Kristen said...

ORANGE! Do it.

anj said...

it is so good to hear the life in your voice. orange or not, the life in the choice fits you well.


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