Wednesday, August 29, 2007


They say it is inevitable and that it is "good", they do. I have been Change's protege and her help-maiden, her slave and her beneficiary, it seems.

I have been dropping dead, passing out at around ten nearly every night. I multi-task all day long and by ten o'clock i am done-in. I am completely off the mark with my weight too, and have been irregular in ways i never am... pleasant! and if that doesn't convince you i am in over my head, then consider the fact that i had my first ever case of ... was it vertigo? i just felt, for the better part of more than three hours, that i had been on some crazy carnival ride.

It is kind of getting to me.

Still, there is good in Chicago for me. I earn more, which is nice right now and we are looking at property and getting used to ourselves in a different zip code. Judah seems to be doing really well, seems to like his pre-school, seems to laugh harder and more often now. Either that or i notice it more fully now and either way, or both- i feel sturdier because of it. I take heart in Judah's belly laughter.

We are with friends (different ones than intially) who are taking such an amazing attitude about our presence and really welcoming Judah into their fold. (Liz's link is Online Therapy-she has some too cute posts about our too cute kids being too cute together). Their open door has been the difference-making factor in our being able to take root here at all. We're going to try to stay by them wherever we move.

Chris has an important meeting tomorrow at two so if you pray, please do so for him.

I am gearing up for fall in terms of FASHION!! i am really looking forward to shopping Simply Vera at Kohl's this fall. In other news, i've got an awkwardish haircut and ten extra pounds dampening my excitement. ah, ambivalence.


Sandra said...

Change..yeah it's like that isn't it! I'm with you on the fall fashions. I can't wear them to work, but I don't care. I'll wear them while I clean house. :)
The extra 10 lbs (plus all the others I was carrying) found me too.

aola said...

hey there!!

I was so excited when I stopped by and found that you had been here.
Sounds like it has been pretty rough so far. I guess everything really worthwhile is worth working hard for, right??

I'm so glad for you guys that you are with people who make you feel welcome and comfortable. That must really help, hospitality is a gift.

Thanks for letting us know how you are. I hope to hear more good news soon.

I'm with you on the fall shopping, I've already started.

Love,light,and peace to all three of you!!

Melissa said...

Yay! I've been checking in on you!

I'm sorry things have been difficult in some ways, but I'm glad that you are already noticing the good things there for you. Laughter truly is like medicine, and it seems children's is the best least around here. We're praying for you guys! Hope things continue to become easier for you! Can't wait to hear about Chris' opportunity!


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