Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Morning

It's Monday and i think that i am half-way through my time in San Antonio. I got here on the 13th of September, which means I have been here approximately nine weeks. I aim to be back in Boston by the beginning of February and no later, sooner would be lovely.

I am looking forward to the Holiday Season. Last year Judah watched Paula Dean and the Barefoot Contessa make their versions of Thanksgiving dinner. This year I want to include him in the fun, so sometime today, we will be shopping for our ingredients. I think we may make the potatoes and the sweet potato casserole.

We won't be seeing Chris until December 8th. We're spending the 8th through the 16th in Boston. We're all looking forward to it, as this will be the first time Judah sees our place. the 8th is also our seventh wedding anniversary-- it'll be fun to be together for that.

Judah's last soccer game was Saturday afternoon and it was too cute. really, the little Tiger team has come SUCH a long way. To commemorate the end of the season, their coach presented each player with a trophy. Judah LOVES his trophy, carries it around, sometimes even kisses it!

Probably one of the biggest struggles i have is paying attention to the concrete, Real World details of my life. I am almost always distracted by existential questions and/or personal psycho-analysis. Because i am so distracted the following is true: I drive bad, i cook worse, i forget to take vitamins and sometimes even forget to give Judah his morning allergy meds. these are just examples. I am getting better, but it is Such a Struggle. it is hard for me to even be motivated for it, except to think that if I don't pay attention to these details, i will suffer consequences. I don't want to be neglectful.

and, i don't want to be obsessive, either. lately, i notice recurring motifs/thoughts, and the net result is that i have become somewhat bored with my thinking process-- it tends to be angsty, somewhat neurotic/obsessive, unproductive and, now, predictable.

I need to shake that up!

So this blog is an attempt to pay attention to the externalities I usually fail to engage. it reads a little like those posts about what one is having for breakfast, but for me it represents real growth. boring though it may be.=)

Have a good monday!


Kristen said...

You're never boring, E. I soooo relate to the living in your head stuff.

Sandra said...

My problem is the opposite. I'm so busy trying to keep up with the "real world" stuff that I not only neglect the other side, I can't even do the real world stuff properly. An example: while warming up the water for Hayden's bottle which only takes about 30 seconds in the microwave, I decide I should wash the dishes because obviously that can be done in 30 seconds. I start the dishes forget about the bottle and let it heat too long thus having to start the bottle heating process all over again. On really bad days I'll think of another task to do while the second bottle heats and have to do it a third time! I want to get everything done all at once and from any outsider looking in I probably look like a circus!

aola said...

I had that same feeling of needing to shake things up today, but, I'm in Sandra's boat of the real world stuff overtaking my spiritual side. So, this afternoon I went to the highest spot on our property and lay on the ground to see if I could feel the power of Mother Earth surging through me or hear the wind say something mystical... oh, well, it felt good laying there in the sun.

Kelli said...

Nope, never boring. I love reading your updates.

Our anniversary is the 8th, also. But this year is 3 years for us.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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