Monday, May 19, 2014


So much of it comes down to waiting, I think,
so much of it comes down to patience

life unravels.
entropies: they happen.
they aren't coincidental. they always happen.


i watch and people i used to know
are subject to it
subjected to it
subjects of it

chaos can be good or bad
it really isn't either
it's where they fall (the chips)
its where you fall when it's over


(i recommend that you )
don't give yourself over to it
don't abandon your skin and your tissues
all the membranes holding you together 
holding you to your loved ones
holding in your organs

don't defy the wind and the rain
don't scream at them in anger
it isn't personal- -it's this way for everyone

you're one of us

& it's true: if it isn't better yet, it's not the end.

This is (now) what I know
we wait for meaning to come round us, to gather us, to-gether us,
like we wait for the sun on the most bitter night
like we wait for the warmth in the dead of the winter
come, wait for the sense of it all, with me.


Sandra said...

It's not personal.

That's my favorite! This is beautiful.

E. Michelle said...

Thanks, Sandra! =)


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