Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Sometimes I wake up really early and I swear, I am a morning person. My head is clear and my attitude is great, if I can wake up at 6. If I wake up at 7 or 7:30, I am an entirely different person.

The day is full- today i will be meeting with my advisor to discuss a book on pentecostalism. It is such a familiar subject that, really, I have to come from the place of an insider/expert because if there is anything I know, it is what it means to be and how to be pentecostal. and somethings, you just don't forget.

I've slept well the last two nights and it makes All the Difference. I have been thrown way out of alignment and had crazy tension and aches in my muscles. I have had carpal tunnel that wakes me up. Here is hoping that some of the interventions I am trying- the chiropractor and the masseuse-- can see me through the next five months. six really. the month after you birth a baby is such a tough time.

I approach this day with gratitude, because in so many ways, it could have been entirely different, and I am thankful for the specific blessings I enjoy right now.

Be well.

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