Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We did laundry today. I love doing laundry. It is the chore that has the most pay-off for me, though to be fair, I also like cleaning the car and vacuuming.

It started out as a rainy, cold morning and I was sad. I didn't feel exactly sad, but i couldn't get started. I spent the morning looking up perfumes I like, to identify what commonalities they have between them. (for your information, I like chypres.)

Chris came home from work really early, at 10:30. I made him a sandwhich and we got into bed to nap. Two hours later I woke up, happy and hungry for oreos.

i always want sweets after a nap.

When we woke up, it was because the sun was shining through the blinds really brightly. The rain had stopped... it was like starting the day over again.

I do not have a job here in Boston. I am sad because I am going to Texas this week and looking for work there. Interviewing for a job, actually. I had made up my mind to stay here, with Chris, come hell or high water, but we wouldn't have enough money to send him to Berklee in the spring if I don't make real money soon.

this all comes on the heels of my really counting the cost involved with the year we spent apart. I did, in fact, accomplish each of the goals I set out to this past year. It took longer than I wanted it to, but it was in no way a waste of time.

Chris has been wanting to go to Berklee now for a long time. berklee is Chris' wheaton. we only moved to Boston so Chris could come here. Given what we now know-- that his going will probably take my going back to texas for at least three months, we would probably not have opted to move here in the first place. ah, hindsight. and now that we are here, and he is so very close, we must try. I wouldn't let him give up now if he wanted to. (we are coming up with a nice plan b, in case nothing works out.)

I am trying not to be dramatic, but it doesn't feel like it should be coming to this, again. we have just spent a year apart.

and one month together.
six weeks, actually.
and it has been fun. different.

I have things to be done in Texas; important and pressing things. I have a paper to present in March at a conference that needs more thorough research. as in field-research on the border to Mexico. I have a chapter to write for a book. I also have two separate versions of my thesis that need creating, and submitting for publication. (one of which will be based on the one I present, so it needs the same further-research.) I knew all of this when i drove away from Texas, and i didn't care about it. i prioritized my relationship, and the good faith Chris put in me, letting me go to texas with no caveats. i felt it was right to come to boston, ready or not, to show up where i belong. with him. I didn't know how i would get all that other stuff tended to, but i figured I would find a way.

If i want to be positive about my leaving, to be strong about it, then I tell myself it is the best thing-- that my being in Texas will get Chris and I that much closer to our goals. It is a win-win.

But we're apart and I feel self-conscious about it. Nobody does what Chris and I are doing. And I can easily start crying about the whole thing. like this morning, when he came home.

or...I can take a nap and eat four oreos. do laundry and choose to accept this as an opportunity to return a favor to my best friend, my 8-years-now husband. and I can laugh about this. I can thank God that Chris is driven and committed to seeing me make something specific of myself. I can appreciate that our getting married young means a certain amount of space and flexibility is needed as we grow and change.

I can laugh and tell myself not to be weak, or as we are saying lately, weak sauce.

And seriously, that silly phrase, is kinda doing the trick.;)


Sandra said...

Keep going E. You'll make it through this and look back one day and be happy you made the tough choices.

If I were independently wealthy I'd send you the $$ for Berklee.

Lizzie W. said...

You are loved, darling! The three of you.

I love that you have such clarity about your purpose when others would be lost in the fog of trying to make the decision.

And that you are willing to make that sacrifice for your BFF. That's love.

aola said...

you, my dear, are definitely NOT weak sauce..

you guys are doing something in your marriage that usually only an older more established marriage can withstand and making it work

Mark and I tried to be apart early in our marriage for the sake of something he felt he had to do and I couldn't handle it, he came home and I've always wondered what that did to him

Now, in our later years together I can allow him to go and be who he needs to be and it only makes us stronger.

You are a wise, brave and enormously strong woman.

maryh said...

hmm, i once had a quote on my wall that reminds me of this, ask me about it...sounds like you are going in eyes wide open and determined - you can make it through this next chapter in life, and keep telling yourself - its your chapter, no anyone else's - you get to be the author. and when that fails, just remember that everyone else is plain jane and stifled compared to you :)

R said...

Hey -- I am on the border of Mexico -- come stay in my tiny concrete brick house.

R said...

Nate and I were just talking about this . . . we know lots of couples now who do the time apart. It seems to strengthen their mariages.

joy refurbished said...

Why is everyone saying "weak sauce" all of a sudden? Where does that come from?


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