Thursday, March 12, 2009


I didn't mean to abandon this space for more than two months. It has been a busy two months, emotionally, I have been all over the map, off the map, really, and none of it belonged on this blog.

It is new for me to restrain myself, to keep secrets or just to consider what is appropriate. I have been a very open person and I am not so much any longer.

Tomorrow I turn thirty years old and I don't feel at all old. I know thirty isn't old, I know that, but I am surprised by how young it feels, how I still feel at the beginning, the very beginning of knowing myself.

I am
coming to the end of my paper. it is due on April 6th.
visiting Kristen this month in Portland. It is my birthday treat to myself to take myself on a trip by myself. self self self.
only five pounds heavier than I really want to be and for me this is in the grace margin, so I feel pretty good!
$800 into therapy and feel that every dollar has been worth it.
watching American Idol and in love with Adam and Matt Giraurd.
going to post again, tomorrow, on my birthday.

not the same girl i used to be. at all.


Sandra said...

We are never the same are we?

Happy Birthday my dear.

I'll be 30 soon and it feels young to me too. Twenty-seven seemed so much older than 30 does.

Brent said...

you did not post on your birthday.

Cara said...

Happy Birthday!

Kristen said...

Soooo freaking excited!

aola said...

Thirty, hmmm... yeah, it sounds young to me :)


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