Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I think the argument, the real shiny argument that i have been waiting for, the one for my thesis, finally but finally materialized in my mind last night. we'll see. but i was up until four a.m. asking the internet if anyone else has ever said what i want to say and so far, it looks like i am singularly genius. at least in this one possible idea.

I had a nightmare last night. judah and his sibling were terminally ill. I also had a brain tumor. nice dream, huh? I woke up to great relief, of course, as we are fine and judah has no sibling. but i did have a little sister who died at age four, when i was nearly twelve, and she was "terminally ill" for two years. That must have been such a f*ing living hell for my parents.

I am trying to lose eight pounds by my birthday.

I am hungry!

I am taking Judah to Fiesta Texas today. He is So excited.


aola said...

I hate dreams like that, they seem to stick with you.

Good luck on the weight loss.

Sandra said...

Dreams like that are awful. The pain medication I took after the c-section gave me dreams like that. They haunted me so badly I cried when I thought about them for weeks. I stopped taking the medication.

I'm trying to lose some weight too, more than eight lbs, but it's all weight. :)

Melissa said...

Yay for your argument. That is truly exciting.

I'm sorry about your dream. I've been having wacko dreams like that lately...uggh.

Hope you guys had an awesome time at Fiesta!

Becky said...

so the thesis thing -- i now understand what an earth shattering statement you made. yay!

When is this b-day?

Cara said...

Nightmares are a regular part of my landscape when I'm not properly medicated. Vivid, violent, and all too real.

Always a particular theme too.

I cannot wait to hear what your thesis is!!!! maybe one day even get the pleasure to read it?


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