Thursday, July 24, 2008


I bet you want to know, maybe you do?, how i am feeling about Boston.

(thanks to those of you who asked.)

I feel the anxiety of the butterfly who really wants out of the cocoon but isn't sure she can fly.

I feel relief that I am going to try to do it anyway.

This is where i feel it, the rush, the firing of the synapses, the confidence of a person growing into herself, I feel all of that in the risk-taking. Not fool-hardy risk-taking for the sake of risk... but, like I have tracked down Life, stared it in the face and said, ok, give it to me. I can take it.

If i compare it to the move i made 13 or so months ago, i think this one is less a running away and more of a running toward.

It is true that I just caught my breath. but it is caught. and i wasted quite a bit of time just sitting on the sidelines of my life... i need to keep moving. I tend to fall asleep if i am not moving forward in my life.

feeling good about it.


Sandra said...

Life doesn't come without risk, and it hardly ever works out just as we imagine. The sooner we all realize that ups and downs are part of the journey the better off will be.

I'm glad you are making your life what you wanted to be and taking on the risk involved in getting there. Good for you Erika!

Kelli said...

Sandra is very right about the ups and downs. I am still in the realization part, so I have to agree about being better off with the whole "the sooner the better".

So glad you're okay with the move!

cv said...

Sounds like a wonderful positive move, and you are in just the right space in your head to make it!

Brent said...

I have to say, having two cross-country moves behind me with no one but myself, you are faced with challenges and opportunities that will continue to shape you into the person you are meant to be. I guess that happens wherever you are, but I have to convince myself that my moves have been worth it, okay?? :P

Kristen said...

Good, good, good. And you can fly, friend.


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