Sunday, May 27, 2007

I am being watched

and not flatteringly.
Turns out that my parents are most definitely reading my old blog. They are reading it and getting offended, this i know from the letter we received yesterday. So out with the old one.

i wanted a fancier blog. like sandra's. or maybe michelle's at La Vie.
but i needed one at this moment, and this'll do.
welcome, hope you enjoy the new pics.


Becky said...

The new pics are gorgeous. So beautiful. Glad to have you back.

Sandra said...

Love it! It makes me smile to read anything you write.

Kristen said...

Didn't get your VM or e-mail until today. So sorry, friendie! Do you have my home number? Call me today if you can...

BTW, I loved that you called me Kiki.

aola said...

Thanks for the link to your new blog. The pictures of you and your fam are beautiful. You are soooo pretty.

Tell us what is going on in your life! How's Oklahoma treating you? Do you guys have jobs yet? or are you headed north soon?

curious minds want to know...


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